Andrew Brophy -


Chima Ferguson - Professional, REAL Skateboards

"The Cream keeps me in the game and on the ball. All day everyday!"


Jordan Hoffart - Professional, Stereo Skateboards

"When I was a kid I thought I was invincible, jumping off shit all day, everyday.  If it wasn't for The Cream I'd be damn near crippled by now.  I learned to take care of my body the hard way.  So I'm fortunate to have a product that can help rectify my carelessness."


Benny Fairfax - Professional, Palace

"This stuff actually fixes you, I swear by it!  Shinners, swellbows, hippers, it works on everything!" 


Robbie Brockel - Professional, REAL skateboards

"The first time I used The Cream was when I was in Australia with a bum ankle and put it on everyday before and after I skated and it helped relieve the pain and heal my injury faster.  Ever since then I always resort to The Cream when I have an injury to help me get back on my board faster."


Brad McClain - Professional, Powell Peralta

"The Cream is perfect when you're skating every single day.  It will easily become a daily ritual and your body will thank you for it.  It's for when your mind says Yes but your body needs some motivating!  Doesn't hurt that it smells good too, ha!"


Jimmy Cao - Professional, Sk8MAFIA

"Between skating and playing Soccer I usually come home with something aching or sore.  I like to use The Cream on ankles and legs because it helps me recover faster so I can back to doing what I love."


 Corey Duffel - Professional, Foundation skateboards

 "My limbs would have fallen off without The Cream."