The Cream in China - Surplus Asian Vacation

We had the great pleasure of joining our homies from Surplus Skate on a tour to Shenzhen, China two months ago.  To say the spots were amazing is understatement - they were incredible!  Untouched marble plazas for days, smooth ground, no skate stopped spots, friendly security guards, delicious food and the warmest hospitality ever made for an unforgettable trip! 

Featuring Moose, Sierra Fellers, JP Oliveira, Jesus Munoz, Will Kromer, Dean Parsons, Ray Macken and Steve McInnes. 

Filmed by Tyrone Monroe and Noah Schuler

Jake Darwen's show stopping photography

Long time friend of The Cream Jake Darwen recently won best in show for the Olympus Pro Photographer Show Down and it was no surprise!

Jake's eye for skateboarding is unlike no other and we just had to share his amazing ability to capture the essence, form and natural gnarliness of skateboarding.

Feast your eyes and enjoy 8.5 minutes of some of the best skate photography you'll see today!

Jeremy Corea is Back On Board!

After taking a hiatus from skateboarding for a while our long time homie and team rider Jeremy "Jezza" Corea is back ripping up the streets with his smooth style and diverse bag of tricks.  We're stoked to see him put down the basketball for a while and pick the board back up!

 To celebrate his return to boarding his shop sponsor Mortar and Bricks and his friend's board company Good Dudes released a guest board along with a banging new part from the man himself!

Welcome back Jezza!

Jeremy Corea | Brick and Mortar from The Skateboarder's Journal on Vimeo.