Chris Haslam's "Sterling Golden" Part

It's been a while between parts but it's been well worth the wait!

Haslam has always been at the forefront of original, creative skateboarding and has put many NBDs to his name.  This new part for Indy is no exception and he continues to push the envelope of what is considered feasibly possible on a skateboard... and what's even better is that he's started his own board company too!  Chris is one of our favourite skaters and we're hyped his down for The Cream.


Chris Haslam - Guest Board

Our friend Chis Haslam has a limited edition board out with Santa Cruz and he put together this crazy little clip shredding the old school shape board on a mini ramp.

Even though the clip coincided with a giveaway of the board (which is now over) we thought the rarely seen sweet tricks in it it was well worth peeping!

Chris rules.