Andrew Brophy New Compilation part "Hog"

Brophy has been killing it forever with his distinctive style, powerful pop and immaculate trick selection.  We're hyped to see many years of his ripping all compiled into a tidy five minute clip of him skating around the world.  Benny Fairfax also pops up in the mix which is always a pleasure!

Wayward Wheels: Andrew Brophy ‘HOG’ from Wayward Wheels on Vimeo.


Andrew Brophy and Benny Fairfax - Wayward Wheels X The Skateboarder's Journal

Stoked that our buddies at the Skateboarder's Journal just dropped this rad clip of our family members Benny Fairfax and Andrew Brophy ripping around Andrew's home town on the Sunny Coast in Queensland, Australia.  If you haven't heard of their company Wayward Wheels check'em out as they're killing it at the moment!

Unfortunately Benny broke his hand when he got to Melbourne, so wish him all the best in a speedy recovery and that he'll be back on board soon!