Al Partanen in Levis Pull Up At The Spot - West Coast Tour

The Levis team sure gets around - and wherever the team's at Parts is there killing it with his distinctive style and charisma.  This new clip features Al and the crew travelling for several weeks through Seattle, Eugene, Mill Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles, building DIY spots along the way and eventually ending up at The Berrics.

DIY Skateboarding in Christchurch, New Zealand

Five years ago a 6.3 magnitude earth quake ripped through the New Zealand city of Christchurch which destroyed many lives and left the skateboarding community in tatters.  Some of the city still remains in ruin to this day so Levis took it upon themselves to give a little back and sent their team down to get their hands dirty building a DIY skate park for the locals.  The Cream Skateboarding Liniment family member Al Partanen was on board to lend a hand and rip the freshly laid 'crete.  Also featuring the fine work of Marius Syvanen, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett, Josh Matthews and Pat Moran.

Filmed by Martin Reigel and Brett Brown

Monster Children & Levi's Skateboarding Present: Skateboarding In Christchurch from Monster Children on Vimeo.