Chris Haslam's "Sterling Golden" Part

It's been a while between parts but it's been well worth the wait!

Haslam has always been at the forefront of original, creative skateboarding and has put many NBDs to his name.  This new part for Indy is no exception and he continues to push the envelope of what is considered feasibly possible on a skateboard... and what's even better is that he's started his own board company too!  Chris is one of our favourite skaters and we're hyped his down for The Cream.


Jake Hayes ~ Behind The Board Interview

Since moving to the States from Australia two and a half years ago Jake Hayes has made a huge impact on the world of skateboarding.  This sweet little interview briefly covers his story of how he got to where he is now and the bright future that lies ahead of him.

Filmed and edited by James Buchmann

Gabriel Summers ~ Thrasher "Am Scramble 2018" Video

Gabbers joint a heavy hitting crew of some of the world's best Am skaters and delivered a serious beat down on the spots of Texas.

Amazing skating, sick sound track, a great edit and insane skateboarding makes this a must watch!

Featuring Gabriel Summers, Kader Sylla, Fabiana Delfino, Pedro Delfino, Henry Gartland, Jaako Ojanen, Simon Bannerot and Justin Henry.


Nick Palmquist - New Theeve Part

Nick Palmquist is one smooth operator..

He travelled around the world and back to film for the release of his pro truck with Theeve.  From the desert of Dubai, to the endless street plaza's of China and back to the bright lights of Las Vegas - This part's a banger!

Filmed by Tyrone Monroe, Landon Giuldi, Sasha Kotov, Andrew Clough, Justin Woehler.  Edited by Andrew Clough