My War : Gabriel "Gabbers" Summers

We've said it before, but we'll say it again...  Gabbers is insane.

He lets nothing get in the way of his skateboard when he wants a trick!

Broken ribs, swollen hips or a mental breakdown does nothing to dampen his fire.

Lucky we've got his back - cause he sure gives his body a beatdown on this battle to tame one of Sydney's gnarliest rails!

Watch below to hear how the quest to defeat this epic rail became a real life saga.

Gabbers we salute you!


Caswell Berry TWS Video Part

It's always rad to see Caswell nonchalantly rip every spot he comes across.  His new part just dropped and he manages to destroy every possible street spot you could possibly think of! Pole jams, walls, hips, curved rails, double kinks, barriers, roof gaps... Shit... It's got it all!

P.S Don't watch this clip if you're hungry... or vegetarian..

Jake Hayes - Lost & Found - Baker Tour 2015

Jake's phenomenal pop, casual style and infectious smile makes for some serious viewing pleasure!  Stoked to see some offcuts and unused angles pop up in this new clip for Deathwish skateboards.

Post Cards From Willy

Willis Kimbel's life is a constant adventure!

Check out this action packed clip from Creature filmed by the man himself as he rambles around the world shredding everything that comes into his path!