True Grit with Blake Johnson

Blake accomplished his dreams of becoming a pro skater through what some would seem to be an impossible goal. Hear his close friends and family members talk about how Blake got to where he is today.

"Yours For The Taking" - New Leo Valls docemenatry

The story of Leo Valls and his hometown of Bordeaux is an unlikely one to say the least. It’s a story where skaters, artists, lawmakers and city officials are working together to create a more skate-friendly city. But this is more than just a story about one skater and one city… this a story about redefining skateboarding’s role in the city of the future. 

Santa Cruz's "Til the End" Vol. 3

The Cream family ties run deep with the Santa Cruz posse so we're very stoked to share with you the latest release from SC crew featuring the likes of Erick Winkowski, Blake Johnson, Dylan Williams, Kevin Braun and the rest of the team. 

Prepare for an all round sensory overload as the lads destroy everything in their path!