New Brad McClain part for MOB

As you know Brad McClain can, and will, skate everything!  An undeniable wrecking ball on wheels!  Brad unleashes across the board in this new part for MOB.

Willis Kimbel in Japan - Creature Skateboards: Deko Boko

In a never ending quest for the perfect scallop, Willis rounded up the boys and headed across the pond to the land of the rising sun. Once there and in the hands of the best host 4 Americans could ask for, Kenji-san took the boys on a legendary ramble through the bumpy island filled with 7-Elevens, sushi, Asahi, good laughs, and savage concrete!

You can follow the guys over at Instagram with links here : Willis Kimbel Tom Remillard and Filmed by Elias Parise

"No Meat Pies, No Glory" Indy Oz Tour

Late last year some of the Indy team hit Australia in an all out assault on the gnarliest spots across the sub continent.  Nothing was left untouched!

What makes this clip amazing (other then the mind blowing level of destruction) is that it was heavily stacked with some of The Cream's family members.  Blake Carpenter, Jackson Pilz, Jesse Noonan and Ryan Townley all stacked some incredible footage and we can easily say that this is one of the best tour videos we've seen in recent times!

Filmed and edited by Dan Stolling

Additional filming by DAF Noah and Gavin Denike