Chima, Gabbers & Hayes in Sunday X Thunder Clip

Thunder and Sunday Hardware just combined forces for a rad collab clip which also so happens to feature a strong line up of The Cream family.  Gabriel Summers, Chima Ferguson and Jake Hayes all dropped hammers around Sydney, Australia while Zoolz captured the action.

Austin Thongvivong in Foundation's "Love Note" Tour Video

Austin Thongvivong is one of the newest recruits to the F team and by the way he's stacking clips there's no doubt he'll have his name on a board soon enough!  The Foundation team shredded across Germany early this Summer and Austin proved to be a standout with his tech gnar hammers.  We're stoked to see what's next for the Oregon local...

Santa Cruz Skateboards - Til The End & Beyond Euro Tour Video

As you may know the Santa Cruz team is heavily stacked with The Cream family members - so we're hyped to share with you this full length tour video of Eric Dressen, Erick Winkowski, Dylan Williams, Kevin Braun and the rest of the team destroying the streets, parks and demos all across Europe this past Summer.

True Grit with Blake Johnson

Blake accomplished his dreams of becoming a pro skater through what some would seem to be an impossible goal. Hear his close friends and family members talk about how Blake got to where he is today.