Andrew Brophy is Mr. Strong

Andrew Brophy features in this new clip from Cliche skateboards promoting their latest board series in collaboration with the classic children's book series Mr Men.

Naturally the character he's been designated for his board is Mr. Strong!

Filmed by John Green
Edited by Roger Bagley

Animation by Jonathan Cannon

Jezza X Fuknoath clip


Jeremy Corea has been down with The Cream family since day one so we're stoked to share his 'retirement' part recently released for Fuknoath 'zine.

A true power house of Australian skateboarding Jezza has only retired from formal sponsorship and is still ripping and still officially repping The Cream Skateboarding Liniment.

Dennis Durrant Is The Man

Dennis Durrant is possibly one of the greatest stylish technical skaters to ever emerge from Down Under.  Some might say he's underated - having flown under the radar for many years, but to those who know Dennis he's just not concerned if there's a photographer or filmer there or not, he'll still rip!

So we're pretty stoked that our homies at The Bay Skate put together this sick montage of Dennis throughout the years for all those that might have missed the dark horse destruction of Dennis Durrant!

Gabriel Summers - Slam Magazine Australian Skater Of The Year

Congratulations to Gabriel Summers on the crowning as the 2014 Australian Slam Magazine Skater Of The Year.

The man really puts his body on the line and does not back down until he makes it.

Luckily we've got his back!

Slam Skater of the Year 2015 – Gabriel Summers from Slam Skateboarding Magazine on Vimeo.