Gabriel Summers "Shake Junt" Part in Thrasher Magazine

Gabbers puts everything on the line when he skates and we're so stoked to see him blowing up and getting the world wide recognition he deserves!

Prepare to watch total annihilation as this Tasmanian Devil destroys everything in his path.

For an insight into the mind of a madman check out his follow up interview here.

Parts - Hidden Hesh Law Part

The year was 2009 and Al Partanen had skated and filmed so much for the Hesh Law video that he had enough footage for 2 full parts!

We're stoked to share The Cream family member "Part's Part" the hidden, bonus part in all it's glory.

DIY Skateboarding in Christchurch, New Zealand

Five years ago a 6.3 magnitude earth quake ripped through the New Zealand city of Christchurch which destroyed many lives and left the skateboarding community in tatters.  Some of the city still remains in ruin to this day so Levis took it upon themselves to give a little back and sent their team down to get their hands dirty building a DIY skate park for the locals.  The Cream Skateboarding Liniment family member Al Partanen was on board to lend a hand and rip the freshly laid 'crete.  Also featuring the fine work of Marius Syvanen, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett, Josh Matthews and Pat Moran.

Filmed by Martin Reigel and Brett Brown

Monster Children & Levi's Skateboarding Present: Skateboarding In Christchurch from Monster Children on Vimeo.